As every year in March, we make our blending ! We tasted our “vins clairs” from the harvest 2019 and our reserve wines from the last years, to find the perfect match between our different plots… The goal is to reveal the futur Champagne wines of our Domaine ! Each tank contain some vin clair of one plot, we tasted all the tanks by assigning notes and comments for the nose, the mouth, the balance, the complexity… Then we determine the complementary parcels to blend them in our wine room…!


Before pruning, we have to do the trimming in the vineyard. It’s a crucial action to determine the quality of the next harvest. It induces the strongness, la fertility, la maturity of our vineyard. It ensured his development and his vitality. We practice a pruning called Guyot asymétrique.

For each vinestock, it’s important to have a look on : his vigour, the repartition and the number of buds, and the prospect of growth during the year ; it’s means the lenght of the branche, the risk of overlapping for the nearest branche during the bending…and so on !

new labels and new name for our range of Champagnes !

2020 brings some new features on the Domaine, both in terms of wines and labelling ! We’re glad to share it with you ! We’re evolving our labels but our wines keep the same philosophy. About our Champagnes, we remain true to our values : the respect of the alternative methods from vines to wines (without any labels), an ageing with lightgtouch interventions to maintain all of the grapes potential qualities, and a winemaking method carried out with passion…! ✨

Our Pur Meunier line didn’t have a distinctive name, that’s why our Pur Meunier become now our “ADN de Meunier”, for all the wines with an ageing in enamelled steel tank. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
ADN 🤔 What does it mean in english ? ➡️ DNA… It’s about our philosophy, our own identity… our goal is to put even more emphasis on the essential : our DNA of “Artisan Vigneron” and the DNA of our favorite grape variety : the Meunier !⠀

Our second goal is to put even more emphasis on the DNA of our oak tuns (called “Foudres” in french) , made with local wood as much as possible, to conserve the specificity of our terroir… !⠀

Fruity, round, surprising and with a beautiful energy, we love this emblematic grape variety of the Marne Valley terroir, especially when there is no blending in a bottle…

” I do not just copy a ready-made recipe. I create as I move on, adjusting and daily exchanging with the soil, the plant and the cycle of seasons. I observe, I’m present, I’m patient…”

“A keen eye, a practised hand and a sensible mind, such are my tools. My moves are deliberate, attentive and respectful. This is the delicately chiselled work of Champagne Artisan in love with his Terroir and his Wines…”⠀

Whether it’s Meunier one or Foudre one, our DNA of Artisan du Champagne has always make the link between our cuvées… So it’s quite logically that all of them called DNA as of today… Cheers! 🍾✨⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
and the DNA of our oak tuns (called “Foudres” in french) , made with local wood as much as possible, to conserve the specificity of our terroir… !