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Our Vineyard, a family story

« I come from an old family of vintners, we trace our origins back to Edouard Moutardier et Marie Lanne in 1870.

After them came the Prudhommes – Eugene and Eugénie – who loved the land, and who became a credit to the Champagne region with their red wine which won many prizes starting in 1929…

…Laurence and I are the fifth generation, Nathan and Loann the sixth! »

A soil, a skill

We have chosen to grow vines with love and patience in order to harvest the best fruit. Our quest to produce a balanced wine is continued in our cellars, which are far from being neutral spaces, and which are held under a close and loving regard. The wine waits there, reaching its full potential.

Working alongside nature, working with and for nature: This is a simple motto, putting it into practice, however, is much more demanding.

Our 6,5 hectares of vines, located between Breuil and Festigny, are formed from 30 or so plots and comprise the astonishing mosaic that is the Christophe Mignon domaine.
This patchwork, an accident of history, adds complexity to the wine produced.