"alternative METHODS"

"Our goal is to maintain a healthy plant which will be capable of bearing hight quality fruit. Quality that is obtained through deep rooting in a living well-nourished soil, and through optimum light exposure, which favors photosynthesis..."

Plant THerapy

Treating nature, by nature, for nature…

We harvested our plants and dryed them for use during the year in the vineyard. The main plants harvested and used on our lands are : nettles, common horsetail, comfrey, burdock and meadowsweet. According to the manner of preparation, the fermented extracts, infusion or decoction, can have fugicidal, insecticidal or insects-repellent, inductive or even phyto-stimulating qualities. The pH and the redox of the water and the preparation, are critical to obtaining good results…”


Soil is complex and dynamic. We till the soil using home-constructed equipment that has been specially designed to avoid compacting the soil. This work is essential for deep rooting and root aeration. The rest of the work is undertaken by “the craftmen of the soil” : several million of them per gram of soil and they are accompanied by between 1 and 4 tons of earthworms per hectare.”


“We carry out homeopathic dilutions according to the needs of our vineyard. The goal is to inform the water used for our preparations. We are not trying to block potential diseases, but we are trying to prevent them from developing.

On our lands we prefer to call homeopathic treatments “knowledge”. We use Baratte Vitalsel preparations. These dilutions of 128th degree are based upon natural sulphur ; copper (hydroxide or sulphate) which has a fungicidal effect ; garlic which has an insecticidal effect ; silica which regulates the effects of light ; plant extracts like meadowsweet or valerian which both regulate the effects of heat.

This “knowledge” is prepared and used in harmony with the lunar calendar too.”


Dynamisation allows us to transferred the energy and active ingredients of a preparation to water. On Christophe Mignon’s estate, we only used rainwater, that we collected at optimal periods of the lunar calendar, to energize our different preparations. The application of different dynamised preparations enables the different grape varieties to express themselves full in the living soil. This enables the vine to find an equilibrium between the cosmic and terrestrial forces.”


Everything is only wave length and informationsGeobiology is the study of electromagnetism and lines of force emanating from within the earth. This approach anables us regulate any disturbing influences. There are informed ceramic domes on water arrivals to allow water to re-energize. There are also copper wires throughout the building with 4 electric earth connectors installed to export bad informations. The last but not least, there is an informed liquid into the concrete in order to increase his oscillatory system. The goals are to make building alive on the enrgy plane and to respect as much as possible the balance of the place

lunar calendar

“The work carried out on the vines and the cellars is undertaken in harmony with the cycles of the lunar calendar. The moon and the planets influence not only tides, but also the limestone soil, our vines and our Champagnes wine due to the water content. The different cycles, annual, monthly or daily of the lunar calendar bring rhythm to the laws of nature and resonate at the deepest level of energy living thing : bringing vitality, fruitfulness, energy, combining SO2...”